Stand Your Ground

by Objector

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CD Title : Stand Your Ground (CDR Import)
Item # MR-SYG-D
CD Price : $6.00 USA - $14.00 CAN/MEX - $17.00 Everywhere Else (S&H Included)
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From : Turnhout, Belgium
Release Year : 2013
Label : Independent

1. Deceit
2. Malcontent
3. Friendly Fire
4. Warchitect
5. Justifixed
6. Terror Eyes
7. Evilution
8. Mental Mastery**
9. Truth Be Told**
** Bonus Tracks

Bock - Vocals, Guitar
D!D! - Guitar
Wrecker - Bass
T-800 - Drums

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℗ + © 2013 Objector. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, replication, production of this video, audio, artwork, content, and or material is prohibited by applicable law(s).



tags: metal Dublin


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Malevolence Records Dublin, Ireland

In 2005 Malevolence Records was born in San Bruno, CA and Dublin, IE with the intent of helping promote the potential and growth of new underground metal bands from around the world.

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Track Name: Deceit (Instrumental)
Track Name: Malcontent
no one likes the way you can control our fate
taking bribes, breaking oath and manipulate
always standing in the centre of attention
bringing forth another of your complications

“Now you must” step away
“We will not” do as you say
“You can not” hold us down
“We shall” stand our ground

Things are not really like they used to be
you might think that all is well but unfortunately
your society will not stand the sands of time
all you know and all you see will be declined


We are tired of you
and all of the things that you do
self-conceit is your only concern
so pack your stuff and never return

never return

brace yourselves for alterations that will come
none of these transformations can be undone
and our people will no longer live in fear
we'll make certain that you will not reappear

Track Name: Friendly Fire
I woke up, my time had come, getting ready for my mission
My debriefing I double checked, not knowing what to expect
Joined the platoon on their course, moving out to reinforce
A camp deep within enemy lands, these were but all my commands

As we passed into the unknown, I could hear our sergeant moan
Remember that when times get dire, don’t get caught in our friendly fire

We were clothed in disguise, marching beyond hostile lines
None of us could clearly see a sign of life from the enemy
I heard a scream inside my ear, “Let’s get the hell out of here!”
Not knowing what it was all about, all of a sudden they yelled out load

Fire at will!, shoot to kill!
I stood in front as my eyes grew wider, I got caught in our friendly fire

Lethal bullets kept flying around, dying men - an awful sound
Unprepared for this attack, that’s when my sight turned black

We discovered their barrack
But there was no turning back

Drifting between life and death, floating overhead
Regaining consciousness, waking up into my distress
Crawling onto my feet, facing total defeat
Worst of all I came to realize, we were all on the same side!

Now arriving on the scene, some sort of rescue team
I raised my gun in self-defense, causing a confusing conflict to commence
My words got lost in wartime noise, between all of the shouting I got devoiced
Collapsed down about to expire, i got killed by our friendly fire
Track Name: Warchitect
the purpose of my reality
my journey to infinity
bloodshed brings me pride & pleasure
agitation is a risky venture
laying out my plans of warfare
spreading out anguish & despair
my scheme has worked throughout history
i created the use for artillery

I am the warchitect
I am the one you dread

endure my revolution
and face your retribution


the driving force behind my goal
the resulting fact that makes me whole
i designed destructive weapons
knives, guns, bombs and blasting cannons
chemicals, long-distance missile
all are used to execute in style
i advised the use of atomics
coincide with horrid tactics

I am the warchitect
I am the one you dread
I am the warchitect
Truce I will infect

demise and pain
human loss will be my gain
i maintain the course of war
it's drama, i do adore
it is your peace that i detest
your armistice that i reject
the tranquility i will deflect
to your serene i must protest
with hostility i shall project
the fact that i'm the warchitect
your ways of life are incorrect
to your happiness i do object


crusades i direct
chaos i inject
I am the warchitect
Track Name: Justifixed
justice, a word that has lost all of its significance
the courtroom, a place where crime translates liberty
prison, a luxurious hotel for the convicted
judges, rule without sympathy for those left behind

justice is all fixed, it just don't exist
illegal acts ignored, chaos is adored

murder, an felon reduced to a violation
insanity, a common route for the defense
criminals, set free due to procedural errors
verdicts, no longer justifies our democracy


'cause you know that justice is gone
justice is just gone
'cause the system went all wrong
all wrong
justice . just . is . gone!!


laws, are meant to abide & be uphold
instead they are being sold
in order to prolong perversity

it's better, for you to commit a crime
than to live by the rules all of the time
and shatter our present society
Track Name: Terror Eyes
You cannot seem to separate, the true facts from fiction
The slaying of another race, all in the name of religion
Your sickening acts of terrorism, brings you immortality
To us your nature will be known, as a psychopath personality

I see pain and fear in your terror eyes

You don’t care for the innocent, they will die for your own cause
Women, children and the elder suffer, because in war there are no laws
Your goal in life is to kill, everyone that don’t believe
To follow a book filled with lies, your way of thought is so naive

And it shows

Through your terror eye we can see
Your sick and evil twisted philosophy
You fight a holy war
But you’re nothing than your god’s whore

You have failed at your crusade, your plan of scourge has fallen down
Returning to your holy land, we all know that you’re a clown
Consider this as advice, never underestimate
The urge to need to be the victor, lies in the free people’s fate

Track Name: Evilution
since the dawn of man, the evil took it's place
creating disacceptancy within the human race
from dominating caves, extincting next of kin
terminating rivalry before it will begin
stepping up the pace, atrocity arose
eliminating enemies with forcef ull deadly blows
killing is for free, the victims they must pay
recognize a malefic nature bringing us decay

“Evil” has evolved
criminal minds through history were never brought to halt
“evil” shall devolve

tyrants reigning fierce, dictators iron grip
wasting amounts of blood just like a horror script
catastrophic deaths, messenger of war
history repeats itself and coming back for more
psychopathic slay, murders of passion
disfiguring of victims became the new fashion
to decimate a race, accomplish genocide
the ultimate sanctuary of human life denied

“Evil” has evolved
criminal minds through history were never brought to halt
“evil” shall devolve
“Evil” has progressed
eradicating revolutions, crushing all protest
“evil” shall egress

can't stop the evilution
endure the evilution
favor the evilution
invite the evilution
embrace the evilution
sustain the evilution

expanding cyberspace, reaching out worldwide
malicious acts of violence will continue on to thrive
the future may look grim, time will only tell
generations forward on embark a living hell
next degree en route, bionic forgery
psychologic domination result in slavery
methods may have changed, the outcome will remain
evil shall pursue its path until we are detained

“Evil” has evolved
mankind in its darkest hour unable to revolt
“evil” must exalt

support the evilution
adopt the evilution

evilution ... evilution ... evilution
evilution evilution “evilution!”