Speed Or Bleed

by T.C.F.



CD Title : Speed or Bleed (CDEP Import)
Item # MR-010
CD Price : $2.50
PayPal : malevolence.records@gmail.com
From : Katwijk, Netherlands
Release Year : 2009
Label : Malevolence Records©

Tracklist :
1. Core "88
2. Dead On Arrival
3. Scumbags
4. Same Shit
5. See Nothing, Hear Nothing
6. Mean Machine (Bonus Track)*

Hans Hostile - Vocals, Bass
Noise Gate Nick - Guitar
Rob Slaughter - Drums

Songs written, performed, and produced by T.C.F.
Recorded at Haringsound Studios - Katwijk, Netherlands 2009
Mixed by Hans Hostile for Big Dick Productions©, Mastered by Robert Soeterbroek at Temple Of Doom Studios - Lisse, Netherlands 2009
Photo's taken by Hester van der Stoep
Content provided by Marco van Empel and Headbangers Zine and Gigs - Tilburg, Netherlands 2009

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ReverbNation: www.reverbnation.com/thrashcorefanatics
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Facebook: www.facebook.com/thrashcorefanatics
Metal Archives: www.metal-archives.com/bands/T.C.F./3540294791

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Track Name: Core '88
It all started out a mere 20 years ago
when bangers discovered their music was getting slow
They went to the hardcore shows got kicked in the pit
from that moment on they loved the fast shit
Couldn't believe the sound, so straight in your face
an outlet for aggression, they found the right place
Mixing their metal with hardcore overtones
that's the real deal, we all should have known

Core '88
Core '88

Dirty rotten sound
Suicidal pride
Fist banging mania
Core '88

Began to hit it off right from the start
it sticks in your head, comes straight from the heart
Crank up the amp, start pounding the beat
the need to let it out, feels like hitting concrete
Spreading the disease by popular demand
no one could escape but to obey their command
Cursed be the ones that did not believe
you'd better wrap it up, it's time to retrieve

Victim of pain
Rock for the light
Walk among us
Core '88

Eye for an eye
Older Budweiser
Wild in the streets
Core '88
Track Name: Dead On Arrival
Dead on arrival, a twist of the mind
Precious existence, to blame on mankind
Inhaling the air, makes you suffocate
No more resources, now it's too late

DEAD! Too many mouths to feed
ALIVE! Infected by our greed

Dead on arrival, the day you were born
Exhausting the earth, it's to late to warn
Is this the future, no way to survive
No hope for humanity, not one left alive

DEAD! Too many mouths to feed
ALIVE! Infected by our greed
Track Name: Scumbags
Creatures of the night
Ascending right from the grave
Ready to strike
Victims will turn into slaves

Spreading their hate
Burning and scorching the land
Spit on the cross
No mercy, from the hell they were sent

Here's to the scumbags
Always leading the fight
Here's to the scumbags
Destroy with all their might

Defying the law
Victims will have to obey
Armed to the teeth
It's time for your judgement day

Here's to the scumbags
You better get out of the way
Here's to the scumbags
Death to the ones who betray

Here's to the scumbags
You better keep watching your back
Here's to the scumbags
Destruction is on the attack
Track Name: Same Shit
The day's awake, you have to get up, the alarm clock says you gotta go
Just another day, full of distress, you can not seem to understand
Better hurry up, jump in the car, you don't wanna let 'em wait
Life's passing by, you'll never understand, it's a dead end street with no return

Same old shit, same old shit
Same old shit, had enough of it

Punch the clock, a seal of fate, why does it have to be this way
See what is left, need to think straight, sweat starts dripping from your face
Can not suppress, this horrible urge, the feeling you have to get out
Now it's too late, you've run out a time, there's no one to blame but yourself
Track Name: See Nothing, Hear Nothing
Riots everywhere, can't tell if you weren't there
Bloody masquerade, the images won't fade
Blood runs down your neck, everything turns black
Spiked clubs and smoke, people left to choke

What do you see, relentless killing spree
What do you hear, the horrid sound of fear

Uprising in the street, smells like burning meat
Blazing fires rage, you're rats trapped in a cage
Blinded by bright light, paralyzed with fright
Gas grenade explodes, you switch to killing mode

What do you see, relentless killing spree
What do you hear, the horrid sound of fear

Agony and pain, ruins will remain
Grinded by debris, you will never be set free
Justice turns it's head, there's people left for dead
You're trying to get out, but no one hears you shout

What do you see, relentless killing spree
What do you hear, the horrid sound of fear