Infected Existence

by Septic Christ



Septic Christ
CD Title : Infected Existence (CD Import)
Item # MR-007
CD Price : $4.50
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From : Waldshut, Germany
Release Year : 2009
Label : Malevolence Records©

Tracklist :
1. Infected Existence (Pre-Game) [Instrumental]
2. W.D.W.F. (Wake up)
3. Walls
4. Three Letters Called Hell
5. Stand Up Straight
6. Permitted By God
7. Thrashing With Style
8. No Respect
9. Screwed And Ill (Bonus Track)*
10. G.D.L.B. (Bonus Track)*
11. Altars Of Christ - Instrumental (Bonus Track)*

Tracks 1-8:
Bobby Shortleg - Vocals
JxNothing - Guitar
Chris Septic - Bass
Joey Collapse - Drums

Tracks 9, 10, & 11:
Bobby Shortleg - Vocals
JxNothing - Guitar
Chris Septic - Bass
Freddy "Double D" Paunch - Drums

All Music & Lyrics by Septic Christ.
Thrashing With Style Music 2009.
Infected Existence was Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered in Feb. '09 at Igauna Audio Production. Bucheim / March by Christoph Brandes.
Artwork by Halsey Caust.
Layout by Septic Christ.

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℗ + ©2009 Septic Christ / Malevolence Records Written, recorded, and performed by Septic Christ. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, replication, production of this video, audio, artwork, content, and or material is prohibited by applicable law(s).


released February 27, 2009

Septic Christ - Thrashin' With Style (Official Music Video)

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Track Name: Infected Existence (Pre-Game)
Track Name: W.D.W.F. (Wake Up)
Mother earth - our biosphere
Humiliate - the air we breathe
We kill ourselves - and rape the land
A holocaust - with lives to pay

Civilization doesn't mean a shit
When we wreck the planet in
the aim of progress
I can't hear humanity
The virus of death keeps us asleep

Why don't we fucking
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Why don't we fucking
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

A funeral march for the human soul
Can you read our epitaph while
the night grows cold?

Consume, consume - and get consumed
Blinded greed - environmental death
Spill the oil - while our grounds burns
We sleepwalk to work - systematic brainwash



Track Name: Walls
The fate of destruction
Is to stand alone
Now I'm standing outside
A complete broken home

The one you are
Is the reason I am?
A natural effect
I'm just trying to defend

Your world is shit
Just man against man
You're eating lives
The best that you can

A place for the strong
But my strength fades away
I've built this brick wall
My last line of defense

Unlike you I still have faith
I shut the door fuck my disgrace
Take it all it has no use
It all depends on which way you choose
I'm outa here go fuck your games
Just break away or go insane
I'll take your knife and stab my back
Then cut it off and break your neck

Don't dare come inside
I've built this wall with all my might
Either touch or look inside
Cause when you're in I'm gonna bite
Track Name: Three Letters Called Hell
Three letters can be pain
Three letters can be hell
Three letters suck you dry
Behind three letters you still hide

You never tried to change
Your therapy's a joke
Wallow in pain
Cause you like it down and broke

You need a reason to cry
You need a reason to die
Proclaiming suicide
But when it comes hard on you
You start to run and hide

Using the compassion
Of the ones who try to help
Bite the hand that feeds
And fuck with peoples minds
Just to set it clear
You've never been the victim
You are the aggressor
And three letters are your weapons

No more head trips
No more brain fuck

Track Name: Stand Up Straight
It starts with born to live
It starts with live to die
Like your mother and your father
The whole life is an unknown highway
So hit the road day by day
It's time to learn to walk
It's time to learn to talk
Life a test against the rest
Conquer them all and feel the pain
I have to learn that hard game

Don't give up
Don't step back
Just look forward
Stand up straight

They told me to go to school
They told me don't be a fool
Show your face walk through this maze
Filled with troubles and filled with pain
Just walk ahead and win some fame
Now I'm stranded in life
Now I'm ready to fight
I've got a job and pay my bills
Work all day to get some cash
So that's my life but I'm ready to thrash


Track Name: Permitted By God
All the headlines and daily news
Present, brutal and truth
Tanks and guns, bombed houses and fire
Daily food for their strong proud and hate

Prejudiced, regardless, - they march
on a decision to kill
Children crying and soldiers dying
A life to die, that's the price they pay

We've learned equal rights for all!
Our belief, freedom to speak
Is this the freedom of worship?
Or just a holy way to die

All they fight for is permitted by god
Release, free their sins
The holy book, obligate creed and faith
A senseless way to free the soul



Holy wars are bloody wars
Too many victims too much blood and pain
Holy wars are bloody wars
Senseless killing senseless dying

Fire, fire, fire the smoke rises higher
Crushing bombs and machine gun fire
The sirens of hate still screaming on
No end in sight, no place to hide

Kill. kill, kill, that's a thrill that's ill
Too many victims too much blood and pain
Holy soldiers watched the streets ready to shoot
To win this battle for more holy ground

Fight, fight, fight, just for the pride
Mesmerized they just follow this way
No fear of death and no mercy for all
They kill for a holy god, what a shitload of hate

Fire, fire, fire the smoke rises higher
Kill. kill, kill, that's a thrill that's ill
Fight, fight, fight, just for the pride
Sick, sick, sick, that's shit, fuck and piss

All the headlines and the daily news
still brutal and truth
So many years past by our lives
But there's no chance for a truce


Is this the freedom of worship?
No rights to believe and be free
This is not freedom of worship,
just a fucked up way to die
Track Name: Thrashin' With Style
Out on the road it's time for fun
Six pack in check your sneakers look fine
You're out for the thrash your face shows a smile
Now it's your turn they can't run they can't hide
Get in the pit it's time for fun
Bang your head like a spastic let the chaos rage on
It's all about fun and releasing your rage
Good friendly fun thrash it up with a smile

You are under attack from a thrash sending flak
You should better know that we come to shred
We came to shred and we'll leave all wrecked
Get thrashed or get wrecked
We are thrashin' with style

Thrash like a jerk always full speed ahead
Round and round a full circled attack
You're out for the party get your head full of bier
We're out just to shred and now your time's here
Get in the pit it's time for fun
Bang your head like a spastic let the chaos rage on
It's all about fun and releasing your rage
Good friendly fun thrash it up with a smile


We don't care how it looks while your thrash
This ain't a fashion show now step up move your ass
Bier, bier, bier, get your head full of bier
The bangover will but come that's why you're here
Track Name: No Respect
Your dad teached you the way the way of his life
Fast and proud you've sucked it in
Without some shame you walk this way
Your own rules for this game
You're just a spoiled boy without opinions
You're just a greedy fucked up wimp

You can't see me, you can't hear me
but you can feel me when I come inside
I like to come inside, I like to kick your ass,
to destroy your wealth, Sucker!

All you got are your profits from your lies
You would kill for more of all of that
Betrayal is just a funny game
No regrets and no respect
I am so angry, I am so hateful
Can't understand what all this means


No regrets and no respect
- You would never give a helping hand
No regrets and no respect
- Before you help you would nail them down

Fuck your ignorance
Fuck your ignorance