Heaven Still Burns

by AbsentiA



CD Title : Heaven Still Burns (CD Import)
Item # : MR-014.
CD Price : $3.00
PayPal : malevolence.records@gmail.com
From : Oviedo, Spain
Release Year : 2009
Label : Malevolence Records©

Tracklist :
1. The Night That Never Dies
2. The Last Sun
3. Seven Ways To Die (Instrumental)
4. Sour Taste Of Eternity
5. Autumn's Withered
6. Behind The Veils Of My Sanity
7. A Kiss From Hellaven
8. When Silence Whispers (Instrumental)

Julián Diaz - Vocals, Guitar
Alfonso Carrera - Guitar
Ian Alvarez - Bass
David García - Keyboards
Antonio Ramírez - Drums

Victor Garcia - Vocals
Laura Zapico - Vocals
Pablo Garcia - Guitar

Produced by AbsentiA & Angel Domenech
Arrangements, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Angel Domenech at EOX Studios eox.no
Artwork by Julian Diaz

AbsentiA Contact Info:
ReverbNation: www.reverbnation.com/absentiaofiacil
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/AbsentiAoficial
Bandcamp: absentia.bandcamp.com
MySpace: myspace.com/absentiaasturias
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ABSENTIA-108409051267/
Metal Archives: www.metal-archives.com/bands/Absentia/3540277614

℗ + ©2009 AbsentiA / Malevolence Records Written, recorded, and performed by AbsentiA. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, replication, production of this video, audio, artwork, content, and or material is prohibited by applicable law(s).


released March 9, 2009


tags: metal Dublin


all rights reserved


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In 2005 Malevolence Records was born in San Bruno, CA and Dublin, IE with the intent of helping promote the potential and growth of new underground metal bands from around the world.

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Track Name: The Night That Never Dies
At dawn I’m the breeze upon your dead dry leaves
That hide memories deep beneath…
In the evening light I’m that raven in the sky…
Dark… as the death I carry inside.

“… A snake in flowers by night…
… a kiss in the lips of a thieve…”

At dusk a shadow in the shadows
Awaiting for a new dawn to die
This night seems to never die.

“…Naked and so fragile surrounded by your lies…
… one thousand times… one thousand cries…”

Leave me alone with my sins…
I know who I am and that’s my will
Leave alone hating my dreams… my lost dreams…
Since my star forgot to shine, this night seems to never die.

“I’ve sailed through oceans of time, I walked paths
leading to nowhere… and all I’ve found was the
edge of a new day. Naked… and alone, lost in this
nowhere land, where time stands still and all
promises fade away… the wind kissed me deep and for a second time my heart forgot to beat…
once again… and again my star forgot to shine…
How I wish to be a dream burning is these cold flames”
Track Name: The Last Sun
Rain falls… rain like tears falling down my cheeks
They drag me to an endless sea… staring through dusk I know so well

Under seven star we’ll came together in deepest silence
Silence is more silent now… when rain falls

Silver fills my eyes with eternity
I will suffer in your endless seas eternally
Slave of an angel in disguise
Damnation is a burning darkness in my heart.

“…Heaven still burn under my skin as I kiss her lips
She dressed in silver surrounded by mist…”

The last sun will die when I’ll taste her bloody kiss
Drops of silence fall in a crimpson poll so warm and so deep
The last sun will die.

“… She’s the wind that makes fly my wings
She is a spider weaving my once lost dreams…”

Dreams like rivers dragging me to your endless seas
Slave of days and nights in deepest silence
My last sun will die like that rose withered in your throne made os stone
My last sun will die.
Track Name: Seven Ways To Die
Track Name: Sour Taste Of Eternity
Awake…but maybe I’m dreaming… I’m the man who killed those things I loved
Adorned… in jewels disguised in angel and disorder of light that I belong to
The sun collapse in the heavens below battering my heart
Angels… once guarding me…flew away when that adder kissed my lips

One thousand years seemed to pass…And still I’m waiting to die
One thousand tears in my eyes…are not enough to make me cry
Death came with twice wishes like wings…smiling…life laughed to me
How can I forgive? How can I deny you?
Where is my God now…that I’m lost in this sour taste of eternity

Awake… look behind try to find through these eternal flames
Darkness as old as the Earth full of buried dreams
God take me home…!
Fear drips red…is the same blood that painted my dreams
So cold in me… it’s like an adder kissed my lips
Track Name: Autumn's Withered
I closed my eyes to see deep beneath myself
And for a second I wished to die
Silent and calmly I waited for these clouds gone by
Cause they always take away my tears

Why…? I shouted to the sky
OH Why…? My autumn’s withered

How many times must I say goodbye?
I don’t know where I go, it’s so cold where I roam
How many times must I say “I’m sorry”?
Even don’t know why… I don’t know why… I don’t know…

I opened my eyes, I heard a voice it’s cold as ice
“Welcome to reality”
I felt cold, my hopes have turned to stone
My inner voice is always asking…

I will never forget… I will never to forgive
I will never forgive… I will never to forget…
Track Name: Behind The Veils Of My Sanity
Sickly colors filled my eyes blinding me……My mind can’t understand
I asked to the luna round “is this my pleading end?”
But she just laughed me…
Blood is dripping

Dreams like burning fires
Remembrance fallen from heaven...madness risen from hell

A spider darns my twisted veils
One million roses are leading
Words never said drown into tears I’ve never cried
Fallen angels take my hands
My ravens…so dark feast with their eyes
My soul dances in the moonlight

“…Owner of my deepest desires, you drank the waters of my black disease…
…And now that you are alone…
You hate God!
Don’t look or you will see… your inner remains
Now search for your lost glance…lost into tears…”
Track Name: A Kiss From Hellaven
“…Esclavo en mi propio ser
Sin alma que me guie
Extraño algo en que creer
¿Cuándo…podré ser librre…?”


El tiempo

Fallen you cutted my wings even before I was born
Damned by the light of a promise that has turned into stone
Unforgiven to Death, here I lay to burn in my sins
Left to rot forever
To never be free and never return

Blessed by a kiss from Hellaven
Damned by the edge of a new day
Blessed by a kiss from Hellaven

I’m a darkened obsession
Damned by the God creator
Blessed be the day I’ll die
I’ll be hate and Pain
Alone… Is this my endless fate
So cold the flames that never fade

Aún recuerdo lo que un día fuí
…que el tiempo curaría las heridas en mí
el día en que yo nací
Quisiera volver y por fin saber lo que es…
en las manos de un angel que ví
lejos hasta ver el fín
solo un requerdo para mí, pasado…donde

¡Nunca existí!
Track Name: When Silence Whispers