Guilty As We Were Born

by Septic Christ



Septic Christ
CD Title : Guilty As Were Born (CD)
Item # MR-002
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From : Waldshut, Germany
Release Year : 2012
Label : Malevolence Records©

Tracklist :
1. Guilty As We Were Born (Intro)
2. Starstruck
3. Screwed And Ill
4. Be A Man
5. The Legacy
6. Welcome To The C.O.C.
7. Bomb Monte Carlo
8. Exile The Leaders
9. G.D.L.B.
10. Political Playground
11. Yearning For Salvation
12. Herd Instinct

Septic Christ:
Bobby Shortleg - Vocals
JxNothing - Guitar
Chris Septic - Bass
Joey Collapse - Drums

All Music & Lyrics written by Septic Christ.
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered in May 2011 at
Iguana Audioproduction, Buchhem-March by Christoph Brandes (Necrophagist, Born Dead, Unlight....)
Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov

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℗ + ©2012 Septic Christ / Malevolence Records Written, recorded, and performed by Septic Christ. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, replication, production of this video, audio, artwork, content, and or material is prohibited by applicable law(s).



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Track Name: Guilty As We Were Born (Intro)
Track Name: Starstruck
Hey you all stop to think about,
All the glamour and the fame
Because celebrity news and TV shows,
Are made to entertain
Don't believe everything you see and hear,
A falsified reality
They show you all the things you want to see,
Watch over their lives

You're so ready, for the next attraction
Like a hungry wolf, you're so starstruck

You give them the chance to be something special
You only need to see, just another attraction
Then you start to scold, and say that's wrong
But you are so greedy, the guilty one

Why do you care when they're drunk, or what they smoke
Why should you bother it is not your life,
You only need to tell THE NEWS!



Artificial noses, new big breasts,
Injected lips and the way they dress
That's just a show for you and me,
But only for those who want to see

Hey you all, are you still blinded?
From the glamour and the fame
Can't you see what you're doing wrong,
What a shitty game
It's like a drug, you have to take,
You're a little whore
That's all what you want and all what you need,
That's cheap and poor


Track Name: Screwed And Ill
You're walking down the street, all alone,
Armed with this crazy intention, to kill someone
Your scarred soul, full of hate,
Your dark desires, so screwed and ill
You like this tension, before you start to attack,
You've got this glow in your eyes,
This pressure makes you sick

Deep inside you, a burning fire, with full force, your desire
In your brain, a screaming voice, loud and mean, that's your choice

Now the time is right, thirst for action, behind this cowardly mask, you lose the control
Your scarred soul, full of hate, your dark desires, so screwed and ill
Your morbid lust is ready, to kill another victim,
She's tortured by your compulsion, you can't hear her wail


You hide your face, cause you feel the shame,
But there is no medication, to heal your disease
You can't hear, supplication 2x
Deep inside you 2x

Track Name: Be A Man
Dissatisfaction, mixed with frustration
Insufferable but weak, all your thoughts are bleak
You're driven by anger, but that puts others in danger

You can't discern, what's good or what's bad
Don't punish the wrong, and the life they have
You're a nasty example, without self-confidence

In this condition, you're just a piece of shit
You romp and stomp around, like a screaming little kid
But you forgot, it's your own destiny
You will lose all your power, don't drown in self-pity
When you flip out, you are abominable
All these faults and pain, are impardonable

Be a man, find your pride, show your teeth, self-respect 2x

Determination, mixed with a zest for your life
Now you can think clearly, not everything is silly
All your doubts are defeated, the meaning of life,
You can feel it

Now you can see, how your kids grow up
Perfect and encouraged, lead them to the top
You're a good example, with self-confidence
Track Name: The Legacy
A nation raping, human lives
An age of death, through out all time
The sons won't see their fathers crimes
While the witness can't forget the cries

History - is a part of you
Wake and see - your fathers crimes
Carry your - responsibility
Learn to live - the legacy

They wrote a page, in history's book
Now it's up to you to turn the page
And accept the things that fore-fathers done
We killed 'em all, their blood ones died


60 years in lack of love will cause
600 years to stop the bleeding will take
6,000 years, to forget the pain
And their loved ones died in vain

The age of death, agonistic intent
Progressing torment for your families success

Track Name: Welcome To The Championship Of Corruption
Our nasty smile, shows what we are
We'e so reckless, cause we go to far, much too far
We have broken rules, and lied to friends
We've twisted the truth, but that's not defence,
That's contemptuous

Because defraud, tell lies, distort and hide the truth, that's discipline 1x
Welcome to the championship of corruption
Hate, contempt, hurt or even kill, that's discipline 2x
We all have the same chances to win

We're all equal, if we want more
We supress our feelings, we would creep on the floor,
Sweet temptation
We distort contracts, for our best
We would change the laws, what a dirty mess, .
That's corruption


We observe all others, cause there might be a disadvantage
We're not faithful, if it's good for ourselves

We should be ashamed, for what we have done
How can we explain this, to our sons, we are criminal
We have sold our souls, and we've broken relations
We have lost the trust, our own damnation, the wrong solution

Welcome in this world, full of corruption
Track Name: Bomb Monte Carlo
Cut off the heads of fuckers, to wipe the filth of mankind
No more richority, build a testimony in time

We'll bomb your houses, your cars and your lives
Watch your idols of profit, burn down through the night

Bomb Monte Carlo, blow it away
burn down Monaco, smash St. Tropez
Bomb Hollywood, nuke it outa LA
Destroy Beverly Hills, wipe the rich man away

For far too long, you've been sucking us dry
Times up now, get ready to die
No more symbols of fear, oppression and rape
Your system has failed


Now the battles begun, grab your puppies and run
Leave your dollars behind, if you want to survive
If you want to survive, the beast is unleashed
And after the blast you will fry, your time is over

Track Name: Exile The Leaders
Are we really in need, to be fed by a fool
Freedom of thought, is long overdue
They present us the world, thru criminal eyes
Send war to the world, to keep borders tight

The war against terror is the war against life
Rise up and tear down the borders

They twist us into forms, spread death over the world
Thoughts cornered by fears, let's exile the leaders!

Ordinance depots, filled to the brim
Our leaders can't wait, til the buttons pushed in
Pushed into war, to bring death and pain
Unleash the madness, design a wasteland

The war against terror is the war against life
React! And make it one world


Can't we lead ourselves? Let's exile the leaders! 2x

Track Name: G.D.L.B.
Good dressed little bastards, ready to betray,
Their own career's the only goal, corruption day by day,
They've took away your money, they've took away your trust,
They've told a lot of stories to feed their greedy lust

This is not a gamble, don't play with life,

Look at me, so look at me discreet,
Tell the truth so tell me what's happened, wow!
It's hard to say, hard to disarray,
It's your fault, forced by your bloody greed

You kill, my will, 'cause you win and I lose,
Your smile so spiteful, 'cause your profit is my loss
My pain is your fame, 'cause you win and I lose,
I lost my job, I lost my house, I lost my pride
What can I do? Shit!

Now, now it's time to rebuild
Face, face the facts and show regret

Track Name: Political Playground
In our world, so much foolish pride ruled by dangerous minds
And they don't know nothing, about our daily struggle and the problems we have
But it's their job, cause they were voted from us to represent our nation
So meaningless, are all the agreements and their spoken words

It's just a business, another battlefield
A new chance to get rich, that's political playground
With all the trust, they've received from us
Still rampaging on, on the political playground

We are just puppets, on strings they control
But we must get up, and break these chains

Conferences for peace, just another convention, and it's nice to be there
So many small talks, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
And in the end, just empty promises they never keep
Cause they are corrupt, willing to lie and conceal the fact



So many words, lacking in substance
Signing contracts, without a solution

We are still puppets, hanging on controlled strings
But we must fight back, and release our anger
Track Name: Yearning For Salvation
Between heaven and hell, there is a place which we call life
We should take it in our own hands, until we have to die
There are so many things to see, if we open our eyes
But we're yearning for salvation, the holy ghost or a pious life

Ask yourself, is this the only way
Or just hypocrisy day by day
We sit down and confess, we kneel down and pray
Devout is what we say, while the whole word starts to fight

We pay attention, to all commandments
Strictly we're trying to follow them, but this is just a waste of time
Cause the final destination, is the same for all of us
Even if we lived in sin, or in what we've trust


We're so deceived, from believe and charity
But on this holy path, where is the honesty
Cause we are really sure, that our stance is right
But we've got no acceptance, only the holy cross in sight
Track Name: Herd Instinct
Natural disasters, deforestation, a bursting fire
Earthquakes and destroyed landscapes, deluge or a massive wave
We're surprised and have compassion
Sad about this depredation
All our plans and holidays, broken from this angry world
We're still here and we're not hurt, no broken bones and no loss
We don't know someone who has killed
Sending money to rebuild

Wake up, stop it, your herd instinct

Nuclear disasters, toxic waste, and acid rain
Contaminated lives without a chance, crippled body, thousands dead
We're stunned and paralyzed
Starting to criticize
All the victims and the children, must now live with the disposition
Helpless and without protection, innocent but punished hard
We say it's terrible
We're shocked unbelievable


Can't we see, can't we see, can't we see the truth
That we don't, that we don't, that we don't want to miss
There's no will, there's no will, there's no will to lose
That's our will, that's our will, that's our will and our bliss

Why can't we see the truth
That we don't want to miss
Refuse, refuse, no will to lose
That's our will and bliss